Protect your business from viruses, Ransomware and hackers

Sophos Intercept X

How confident are you that your business is safe from viruses and ransomware?

You wouldn’t be alone if you couldn’t even answer the question “what antivirus product do you use?”

Each week we ask this question of a business owner, frequently the answer is “I don’t actually know!”

Many small business owners stick with the product that came with their computer when they bought it.  Sometimes it’s actually expired and is no longer protecting them at all leaving them at considerable risk or worse, they could already be compromised.

Others buy off-the-shelf malware protection which comes at a very low price point, but there’s an important question to ask yourself:

When you get an alert telling you that a threat has been detected, who knows about it and who reacts to it?

What do you know about your current antivirus product?

If you do know which antivirus product you’re using and you have kept it up to date ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what it is protecting you against?
  • Does your antivirus product protect you against ransomware? 
  • Are you certain all of the features are properly configured and are being used?
  • Can it allow you to block USB devices from being used?
  • Will it allow you to protect your devices by blocking dangerous websites? 
  • Can you use it to block unwanted applications from running on your computers?
  • Are you able to see how a malicious file entered your system and see every file that it touched?

By using enterprise-grade antivirus and ransomware protection products such as Sophos Intercept X, you get a single point of management and monitoring for your entire business, meaning that you are able to have confidence in your network security because you will know the answers to the questions above.

All your company devices are visible with live status updates, device history and controls all available in one place making it easy to apply controls and run reports.

Configure email alerts to make sure nothing is missed and gain unprecedented control over your business systems, applications and web traffic with advanced reporting features that can help you drastically improve your business’s cyber security.

Sophos Intercept X - Antivirus and Ransomware protection for business

Sophos Intercept X – Advanced Antivirus for your business

How do you know if your business is under attack?  Malware, Ransomware, Exploit-based attacks, Potenitally Unwanted Applications (PUA’s) are all common threats to businesses and homes alike.  The advanced capabilities of Sophos Intercept X provide exceptional protection against known and unknown threats. Taking advantage of advanced machine learning capabilities you’re protected against theats that haven’t been seen before. Sophos Intercept X provides anti-malware, application lockdown, behavioural monitoring, web protection, web control and data loss protection allowing you to have unprecedented control and visibility over your systems.