Your number one defence

Can be your People

Training for security

You could spend thousands on technology to protect your business, but if your people aren’t trained in the basics of cyberawareness, bypassing the fancy boxes with the blinky lights will be a walk in the park for cybercriminals.
Helping your team learn how to work more securely and to spot threats can be one of the most effective ways to increase security for your business.

Keeping it fresh

There are many ways to keep your workforce up to date.  It’s important to carry out regular training to keep cybersecurity at the front of mind.

From on-site workshops to online training videos and exerciese, we have a variety of options available to help you learn.

Creating a culture of security takes time, but the investment will be worth it.

Social engineering

This can take many forms, but at the heart of it, social engineering is the act of exploiting people.  Convincing them to take action they wouldn’t normally do.

Classic cases involve giving up information such as passwords, or opening suspicious links or attachments.


Fake emails which are sen to trick users into downloading malicious software or enter credentials.


Targeting users by phone, hoping to gain confidential information by deception.


The sending of text messages, in order to obtain credentials by impersonating legitimate organisations.


Gaining unlawful access to the computer of another person, often by force.


Networks made up of compromised computers or other devices which are used to carry out further attacks.

Support when you need it

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