Cyber Risk Managment

with RiskXChange

You’re likely to be aware of how an individual’s credit score is measured and reported to help with lending decisions.  What if a similar approach was available when it comes to making decisions about the businesses you trust and work with when it comes to their cyber security measures?

RiskXChange does this by providing data-driven insights to prevent breaches.

Do you know how exposed your organisation is to cyber security risks?  And if you do, what about the level of risk presented by those in your supply chain?  How up to date is your information?  These are some of the questions that can be answered with thanks to RiskXchange.

Using Automation and Discovery techniques together with surveys about your policies, procedures, processes and your people, RiskXchange provides dashboards and insights into your business’s security posture that you may not have seen before.

Whilst you’re monitoring the state of your own organisation, why not add in your suppliers too?  If they’re already using RiskXchange you can get insights into their companies right away.  And if they’re not?  Invite them to the platform and get a clearer picture of any vulnerabilities you might need to be aware of.

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