Cybersecurity Services

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For many organisations, cybersecurity is an invisible or unknown threat.  Some believe that they already have adequate protection in place, some simply don’t believe they are at risk.  Both often turn out to be incorrect.  We help you understand what risks your business is exposed to and what steps to take to reduce your exposure to threats before it’s too late.

Many of our clients already  have a strong relationship with an IT provider, in these cases we can work with the business and the current provider to make sure that gaps are closed and changes are made to existing processes and procedures. 

Going beyond the technical measures, we also analyse the people and workflows within  your business to identify areas of risk and potential improvements to limit the possibilities of technical systems becoming compromised or circumvented.

How do you know your business is secure?

If you love something, you have to protect it!  What do you love?  Your family?  Your business?  Your customers?
To protect your business from unknown threats, you must first understand what it is that needs protecting.  What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Find your weaknesses

Our Cybersecurity Reviews are designed to help you identify gaps in your defences.  From basic controls and protective measures you can put in place, to making sure your team can spot a scam and know not to leave “backdoors” open for the bad guys!

We work alongside your buiness and your existing IT team to identify what you’ve got and help you work out how to keep it safe.

What about GDPR?

By now, you’re sure to have heard all about GDPR, but many businesses are still not doing enough to make sure they don’t get caught out.  Almost any business will have some data which needs to be protected, we can help you identify your data sets and put appropriate controls around them to reduce the risk of a data breach in your business.  After all, your customers and employees trust you with their personal information, the cost of losing that trust could severely harm your business and reputation.

How does it work?

The first step is a brief two-hour assessment which can be carried out face-to-face at your offices or over video call.  We take a high-level view of your business to learn more about how you operate and what the level of risk appears to be.  Don’t worry if you’re not technical, we keep it simple and explain in plain-English along the way, so that you have a greater understanding of the various risk areas.  We aim to condiser and discuss:
  • Network Security
  • The Human Factor (Social Engineering and User Awareness)
  • Secure Configuration (Your hardware and Software)
  • Policies and Procedures

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that we will bring value to your business from our very first review, if you feel that you’ve not gained value equal to the cost of the review, we will refund your payment. 

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Training for Security

You could spend thousands on security products, technology to protect your business, but if your people aren’t trained in the basics of cyber-awareness, bypassing the fancy boxes with the blinky lights will be a walk in the park for cybercriminals and opportunists alike.


Helping your team learn about the various risks, how to spot them and how to work more securely, spotting and properly responding to threats can be one of the most effective ways to increase security for your business.


Keeping it Fresh

Whilst it’s necessary to keep your team’s skills and knowledge up to date, it may not be a subject they find particularly engaging.  This can be problematic, especially when training is carried out only on an annual basis as a box-ticking exercise.
It’s important to carry out regular training to keep cybersecurity at the front of mind.  The problem with this approach is that it often means using a series of videos which are regularly sent out and not necessarily watched by those who need to be trained.
To keep things more engaging we recommend a mixture of online videos, in-person workshops, gamification and internal promtions such as posters for the office and break-out areas.  These approaches can be combined to help promote and build a culture of security within your business, making it second nature for individuals to question and react positively.

Creating a culture of security takes time, but the investment will be worth it.

What should I teach my team about Cybersecurity?

Criminals are constantly developing new attack vectors, new risks and attack vectors

  • Phishing – Something many people are now familiar with, fake emails which are sent to trick users into downloading malicious software or to reveal sensitive information such as login credentials, banking information or other details which could be used in a phased attack.
  • Vishing – Just like Phishing, but carried out over the phone in most cases.  Callers might pretend to be calling from another organisation such as your bank, a trusted technology firm or your solicitors.
  • Smishing – Often easily ignored, but if you’ve ever received a text message from HMRC offering you a tax refund, then you’ve received a Smishing message!
  • Hacking – We’re all familiar with hacking, even if you’ve not knowingly been a victim, chances are you’ve been affected via a third party or, at least, have seen it in the movies!  Hacking is the act of gaining unlawful access ot the computer or network of another person or organisation, usually by force.
  • Botnets – These are networks made up of compromised computers, routers or other “connected” devices which are usually used, combined to form an “army” to carry out further attacks on others.

Take away the pain

For smaller businesses, it might not be possible to learn about, implement and maintain a range of cybersecurity measures and products.  For others, they may think their existing IT provider has it in hand, and this might well be the case.

From our experience, not all providers have the necessary specialisms or in-house skills to allow them to keep up with the latest cyber-threats and trends, and it might even be considered that implementing IT systems and Cybersecurity are directly opposed in their aims.

To help companies get the best possible service, we offer managed securitiy services. 

Our services cover all of our products and services and means that we implement, configure and monitor the services which we offer to our clients.


Antivirus, Wi-Fi, Firewalls, Mobile Devices

Customers taking any or all of the services offered by Sophos can benefit from having them all configured, monitored and maintained centrally by Siarp.  This means that any issues that arise will be taken care of on your behalf, just let us know if you encounter any problems using your systems.  We will be alerted automatically of any threats or breaches detected by the system.  Customers with two or more of the products can benefit from Sophos Synchronised Security where the devices communicate with each other when threats are detected.

User Awareness Training

Siarp will design and manage a campaign of user awareness training made up of monthly videos, quarterly informational posters, on-site workshops and simulated phishing campaigns to help develop your companies security culture.

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Legal and Regulatory Requirements

We work with trusted associates to help our clients meet standards or regulations which they are subject to.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might have certain obligations which you have to meet.  For example, if you process card payments, then you will need to be aware of PCI DSS.

Cyber Essentials is a must for companies wanting to work with government agencies.

You might need to meet ISO27001 standards depending on the nature of your work and who your customers are.

All businesses need to be aware of GDPR, most need to ensure they are compliant, unless of course, you don’t store or process any personal data.

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