Firewalls and Wi-Fi

Sophos XG Firewalls and Wireless

Are you using commodity Wireless Access Points bought from a consumer retailer in your business?  Or have you bought business grade equipment but aren’t getting the reporting or control your business needs to make sure you’re getting complete visibility and control over your network security?

Our XG Firewall series and Sophos Wireless access points offer granular control over the data that is sent in and out of your network, but also offers advanced features to enable remote working in a safe and secure way.

When using Sophos Intercept X together with XG Firewall or Sophos Wireless, each product works together in the event a threat is detected to help ensure the problem does not spread.

Sophos Wireless

Simplify your company Wi-Fi management and have visibility, control and reporting of multiple Wi-Fi hotspots from a single centralised control panel.  Administration of company Wi-Fi has never been easier.
Sophos Wireless also provides enhanced detection of rogue access points and works in conjunction with other Sophos products using Sophos Synchronised Security to help secure your network.

Sophos XG Firewall

What do you know about your network, about what your firewall is doing for your business?  If the answer to this is “nothing” then Sophos XG Firewall could be just what you’re looking for.  Manage your firewall stand-alone, or from Sophos Central you’re able to set detailed controls for your network traffic and obtain real time data showing exactly how your connection is being used.
Using Sophos Synchronised Security, your endpoint devices such as your PC’s, Apple Mac’s, servers and more are able to communicate with your firewall and work together to stop threats in their tracks.