Protecting children

One less thing for you to worry about...

With all those precious little ones running around all day long, playing and getting up to mischief, you’re confident that they’re safe because you’ve secured the premises. 

Access controls at the doors, CCTV, sign-in books for visitors, the kids are safe!

But what about the data?

Are you certain that the personal information of the children and their parents is fully secured?

Information is incredibly valuable to criminals and scammers.  Do you store any of the following?

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Medical information
  • Payment details
  • Photos and videos

All of this information is not only valuable to criminals, but if it were lost, exposed or misused somehow, how would the families you work with feel about this?

What would the immediate impact of a data breach mean for your business?  Could you have to close down until the problem is resolved?


How we can help secure your nursery business

Just like your physical security measures, computer security doesn’t have to be complicated.  Huge improvements can be made by following some fairly standard steps and making sure that your team are aware of the risks and how to deal with them.

We can help you to implement changes and solutions to help minimise the chances of bad things happening.

Our monitoring will help spot problems as they occur meaning that in the event of a breach, you’re less likely to be investigated by the Information Commissioners Office.

  • Your important and personal information will be backed up and protected
  • We’ll help you improve your password management and protect your important accounts
  • You’ll get tips and advice on how to securely communicate with the families you work with
  • Your devices will be protected from viruses, ransomware and other attacks
  • We’ll make sure that your devices stay updated with the latest security fixes
  • Your team will be trained on how to spot and deal with scams and phishing attacks

Making your business look more professional

We’ve helped many of our clients to work smarter and more efficiently by implementing the correct systems to help their businesses to fly.

If you’re using free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for example, these don’t offer sufficient protection to help keep your business safe.  They also look less than professional.

You can stand out from your competitors and have more control over your data by using the correct tools for businesses, linking your website domain to your email accounts and having strong protection and monitoring to keep you safe.



Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to keep your business and your client data safe.