Virtual IT Director services for better IT Strategy​

IT Strategy provided by a Virtual IT Director is a service we have added so that we can help growing businesses get the right advice regardless of who they are using for IT Support.  

Get more out of your existing IT vendor relationships and get impartial advice to help you succeed faster.

If you are too busy to spend your time researching complex IT solutions, because you have a business to run, you can get more done and make timely and informed decisions.

Grow your business with a Virtual IT Director

Virtual Director services for IT Strategy

If you already have an IT support provider in place, or have coverage through existing staff, we can offer strategic advice and support to help you find the best solutions and ensure that you’re getting the services you need.  This comes in the form of our Virtual IT Director service.

Whether you have a current IT provider or a small existing team looking after your day to day needs, it’s possible your business could benefit from strategic direction from an impartial third-party.  That’s where Siarp can help.  We have a broad range of skills across multiple areas of technology and are able to offer strategic advice and guidance to help you solve problems in a different way.

Make Better Decisions

You might not need a full-time IT director, especially if your business is not big enough to justify employing someone to fill the role.  That doesn’t mean your business can’t benefit from having independent advice from someone who knows and understands your business and where you want to take it.

Working on an impartial basis, we would get to know you and your business, attending meetings as needed and listening to your business strategy, helping you to understand and identify the right technology to succeed on your journey.

Vendor Management

As with most businesses, you’ll likely have many vendors from IT Support to hardware providers and specialist software vendors.  We can take on the role of managing these relationships to help ensure you’re getting the most out of these companies.  By translating the business needs into technical needs we can keep your plans on track. 


Have you started to build an internal IT team with a junior member of staff looking after your day to day needs?  If so, perhaps you could benefit from an experienced mentor helping to guide them.  It can be a lonely role at times, especially when things are not going to plan.  Give your team the support they need and guidance to help develop them into the senior team member that will keep your business working like a well-oiled-machine.

How does it work?

Take as much or as little time as you like.  What is important is that we’re able to get to know you and your business. Ideally we’d meet at least monthly, catching up on your pain points, plans and goals.