Managed Security Services

Watching over your business

If you don’t have the expertise or the time to look after your security, Siarp can look after it for you.  Just like a monitored burglar alarm, we receive notifications of bad things happening in real-time.  We set the security policies and we act when the worst happens.

Take away the pain

For smaller businesses, it might not be possible to learn about, implement and maintain a range of cybersecurity measures and products.  For others, they may think their existing IT provider has it in hand, and this might well be the case.

From our experience, not all providers have the necessary specialisms or in-house skills to allow them to keep up with the latest cyber-threats and trends, and it might even be considered that implementing IT systems and Cybersecurity are directly opposed in their aims.

To help companies get the best possible service, we offer managed security services. 

Our services cover all of our products and services and means that we implement, configure and monitor the services which we offer to our clients.


Antivirus, Wi-Fi, Firewalls, Mobile Devices

Customers taking any or all of the services offered by Sophos can benefit from having them all configured, monitored and maintained centrally by Siarp.  This means that any issues that arise will be taken care of on your behalf, just let us know if you encounter any problems using your systems.  We will be alerted automatically of any threats or breaches detected by the system.  Customers with two or more of the products can benefit from Sophos Synchronised Security where the devices communicate with each other when threats are detected.

User Awareness Training

Siarp will design and manage a campaign of user awareness training made up of monthly videos, quarterly informational posters, on-site workshops and simulated phishing campaigns to help develop your company’s security culture.

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