IT Support for Smal and Medium sized businesses

Whether your business needs ad-hoc support or is growing to the point where a formal IT Support function is needed to keep things running smoothly, Siarp is here to help.
Whilst we can offer support packages to suit your needs, we usually recommend a monthly contract, because we feel this keeps us in touch with everything that is happening at your business which saves time in the long-run.  Our monitoring systems help to alert us to anything bad that might happen and also provides us with quick and easy access to help fix issues as and when they arise.
Should you already have an IT support provider in place, or have coverage through existing staff, we can offer strategic advice and support to help you find the best solutions and ensure that you’re getting the services you need.  This comes in the form of our Virtual IT Director service.

Are you feeling supported?

Managed Services, the gold-standard

With a managed IT service, your systems are monitored in real-time
and our support desk are able to react to issues as they happen,
sometimes even before they happen! 
No more having to explain your setup to the IT Support team every
time you ask for help, thanks to the enhanced relationship, real-time
view of your systems and direct access to resolve problems, we will
already be familiar with how you work and the software products you
use. This saves time for everyone and gives the most efficient service
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote software patching
  • Inventory Management
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Security Monitoring
  • Anti-virus Included

Ad-Hoc Support, for those times where you’re stuck

If you don’t have a need for ongoing support and maintenance, we
can also offer on-demand assistance.  Whether it’s because your business
needs are small or if you just need cover for busy periods or staff
absence, our ad-hoc support might be just what you need.