Helping Micro Business Owners BUILD THEIR DREAMS

Do you see yourself as a micro business or a small business?  If you have between one and five employees, this may be the IT Support and Security package you’ve been looking for.

Time is tight, the tasks are many and dealing with computer problems or thinking about how secure your data is can be just another distraction from getting things done.

As an owner of a micro business you’ll know just how many roles you must take on every day.  It’s often part of the thrill of being your own boss, but in reality, do you really need the stress of learning to be an IT expert as well?
If you prefer to get on with the business of running your business, our micro business IT Support packages could be just what you need.

Take away the the stress when things go wrong, get yourself a trusted advisor, someone who knows your business, your goals and your way of working.  

We help you by getting the basics right first and helping you to level up your IT knowledge.
We get your computers working for you, not the other way around!
Small Business Owners - Cybersecurity and IT Support Services

Make your business look more professional

Get rid of that,, or email address!  It has no place in your business and can make you appear less than professional.

If you’ve already got yourself a custom domain name for your website, it’s really easy to set up multiple email addresses at your domain and have these linked to your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account.  And if not?  Getting a custom domain is both cheap and easy!

Instead of being contacted at, increase your profile by having and set up separate email addresses for sales@, accounts@, enquiries@ – this will help the appearance of your professional business and will help you better organise your emails and help you when it’s time to grow and take on help.

Incidentally, if you’re in a position where you need to take on help with other areas of your business such as Customer Service, Social Media, Personal Branding, Bookkeeping and General Admin our sister company Assistify may be able to help!

What our micro business clients say...

"Siarp undertook a few things for me including a security upgrade and even though I am a small company, I was delighted at the way Siarp looked after me explaining what he was installing etc. Not being a techie type person I felt at ease with the professionalism and friendly manner. With the addition of a quick response and good value I would have no qualms recommending Siarp."
Health and Safety Consultant
"Siarp has been very helpful in setting up systems for my business. They’ve even gone so far as to liaise with my American software provider on my behalf. Because I just don’t speak tech! I have felt that they listened to what we need as a company and explained it well. We will continue to work with Siarp going forward."
Business Marketing Consultant
"Siarp provide a fantastic, professional and cost effective service. They recommended using Microsoft 365, this has made my life much easier, money well spent. I recently encountered an issue with my iMac which was quickly resolved by Siarp, much to my relief. Siarp also have assisted with making my iMac secure, I hadn't realised just how 'open' I was to cyber crime, it was a bit of a wake up call! I highly recommend Siarp."
Childrens Party Organiser

Complete Support for your Micro business

Our Micro Business IT Support packages designed for small businesses start at £60 per month plus VAT and include:

  • Real-time monitored systems with remote access for rapid support
  • Support when you need it
  • Monitored enterprise-grade malware protection, so we know, the minute you have a virus or ransomware problem
  • Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace complete with email hosted at your domain (no more, on your branded items!)
  • Your business data backed up every day
  • Your systems secured against cyber crime
  • 1 hour of support inclusive