Device Managment

Sophos Mobile

Mobile Security Made Simple.  Do you realise just how much data is accessible on your company’s mobile devices?  Be it phones, tablets, laptops or even PC’s on your own or your teams desktops?

Is your team now working remotely on a regular and prolonged basis?  They’re no longer protected by your office firewall, so how do you keep them secure?

Do you have the ability to check that the devices your employees are using to access company data are adequately kept up to date, protected and monitored?

Can you make sure that in the event that those devices are lost or stolen, that company data is removed from them?

Sophos Mobile

Gain control and visibilty over mobile devices used by your team with Sophos Mobile.  Whether they are using personal or company-owned devices, you can use Sophos Mobile to ensure that the phones, tablets and computers used within your business are compliant with your security policies and can be remotely wiped of company data at the click of a button.
Deploy company applications remotely to groups of devices and ensure that company data is stored on encrypted devices.