Phishing Simulation

Sophos Phish Threat

How do you keep yourself and your team up to date on the latest threats?  How to you check and test their ability to spot suspicious emails and take the appropriate actions?

Phishing Simulation is a great way of keeping the risk from Phishing at the forefront of your teams minds.  Sharpen their skills and measure the efficiency of your companies training. 

Enrol team members in short video courses to help increase their knowledge of the various threat types, data protection measures and other topics such as the importance of good password management.

Sophos Phish Threat

Your people don’t have to be your weakest link in your businesses security defences.  They can be your strongest!  Investment in educating your team members can offer some of the greatest returns on investment.

Sophos Phish Threat helps make sure your team are brought up to speed with knowledge of all kinds of risks and threats including data protection issues, credential harvesting and of course, phishing.

Use Sophos Phish Threat to create simulated phishing campaigns based on hundreds of professional templates which look just like those from well known vendors such as Netflix, Amazon, HSBC and many more.  These are designed to test your teams ability to question the validity of an incoming message.  Should they then click on any links, they will be safely directed to a short training video on the subject of your choosing.

Analyse the results and gain confidence that your team are getting better at spotting and reacting to phishing messages.

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