Turbo Charge Your Web Browsing

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Do you ever feel frustrated at constantly moving from keyboard to mouse and back again?

I’m a bit worried that I am alone in this as per usual!  But just in case I am not, I thought I’d share some keyboard short cuts that will help you become a web browser ninja!

The thing is, I spend an awful lot of my day working inside my web browser, if you’d told the me of 2001 this, then that guy probably wouldn’t have believed you.  

Web browsers have become such powerful tools now, with everything from a basic web page to a full remote control session of another computer or watching TV all possible from within the not-so-humble web browser!


Handy keyboard shortcuts to speed up your web browsing


First of all is the one that most people more than likely know about already.  But it’s good to start with the basics, it helps my flow!


Open a new web browser tab using your keyboard

CTRL+T on your keyboard will instantly open a new fresh tab, I CTRL+T all day long!  Sometimes, I accidentally “double-ctrl-t” which tends to happen when I get excitable, so I end up with two new tabs.  What do I do then?



How to quickly close a web browser tab using your keyboard

CTRL+W – the quickest and most effective way to close an open tab, whether it’s an accidentally “double-ctrl+t” tab or simply a tab you’ve finished with.

No longer will your hands need to move from the keyboard to the mouse to tidy up the clutter!

But what if you’ve just accidentally CTRL+W’d a tab you wanted to keep open?


Re-open a closed tab using your keyboard

CTRL+SHIFT+T will be your saviour!  It’s the “Undo” of the browser tab closing world.

Have you ever used ALT+TAB to switch between application windows on your computer?  If you have, perhaps you’ve wished you can do something similar to navigate between tabs in your web browser.  Well, you’re in luck!


Switching between tabs

CTRL+TAB will take you forward through your browser tabs.

CTRL+SHIFT+TAB will take you backward through your tabs.

Your life will never be the same again!


Quickly print from your web browser using the keyboard

If you print a lot of web pages, you may like to use a keyboard shortcut here too!

CTRL+P will bring up the printing menu, all without the use of your trusty mouse.


How to zoom in on a web page using your keyboard

Struggling to see the text on a site or just want to get a closer look at something on the page?

CTRL + will zoom you in

CTRL – will zoom  you out

CTRL + 0 will reset the zoom to the default levels.


Using your keyboard to reload a web page

If like me you often refresh a page, either because it didn’t load properly or because you’re trying to get the latest updates, then it can be useful to know how to do this quickly from the keyboard.

CTRL+R is my favourite way to do this, though the F5 key can also have the same effect.


Searching a web page

Finally, if you want to locate some text on a page…

CTRL+F will open the “find” box, allowing you to search for words, numbers or whatever you need!


Do you have any handy shortcuts that help you speed up your day?

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