IT Support & cyber security

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IT support & cyber security

What’s the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Did you grab your phone? Go on, admit it.

We all do this. And guess what? Most of us spend more time with our computers than our actual families. It makes sense, of course – they help us work, give us the information we need, let us run businesses or get ahead in life. And when they go wrong, well…a little part of us breaks, too.

Siarp is here to change that. The last thing you want is to take your IT problems home with you. From prevention to cure, we’ll keep those beloved screens working – so you can switch off and stop working when you get home. Want to go home happier? It all starts here.

guiding you to a better place

Some love art, some love sport – we love business. Call us cheesy, but we run a business, so why would we not want to support them? We want to deliver happiness – not in a scented candle and gratitude journal way, but in a functioning tech, happy workforce way.

It all starts with collaboration. We want to come with you on your journey if you’re starting out – or give you a leg up if you’re halfway there. This could be:

Protecting your cyber security with services built in from the start
Giving you access to the right tools or partners to get the job done
Saving you money with more efficient IT processes

None of this is an afterthought. From protection to the latest tech, we make sure no one is left behind.

“For me as someone who doesn’t ‘speak IT’ the whole process of onboarding, new equipment and set up has been so quick, easy and smooth. Our whole system now runs so much quicker and smoothly – an absolute dream. And knowing that Siarp’s systems are there looking after everything and ensuring that it is all secure gives real peace of mind. If you need IT assistance I strongly recommend that you speak to Siarp.”


Seeking GSOH

and long term relationships

So, why work with Siarp? The more we know about your business, the better we can help you – so you’re in it for the long haul. Want to share your embarrassing stories or crap music taste? We’re all friends here.

This is a bore-free zone. We’re not going to hide slow response times and incompetent processes behind fancy tech jargon. We’re going to solve your problem because we understand how bloody difficult it is when things go wrong.

You won’t find a bunch of drones here. You’ll find honest, hardworking people who just get it – because we’ve all wanted to take a baseball bat to our computer at some time. Put the bat down. Pick up the phone.

Stop losing sleep over cybercriminals


All sounds a bit dystopian, doesn’t it? For too long, the cyber
security game has been about scaring people rather than
getting stuff done.

Yes, hackers are clever folks, but so are we. And we get that
prevention is better than the cure – so we’ll not only install
the tech, but teach you how to use it. You guessed it: no
funky jargon either. Our motto is, the better you understand
it, the sharper your eye for something that looks iffy.

–> Let your clients sleep easy
–> Put your data on lockdown
–> Keep your money

How we work with you

It’s gonna get personal.

You’ve been warned. Once we’ve got to know your business, we can guide you on processes and best practices to keep your IT shipshape.

We’re not about one-night stands. Sure, we could fix your problem and do the walk of shame knowing everybody’s happy. But where’s the future in that?

When you’re with us long-term, you can tell us your goals and we can help you reach them. It’s not a reactive fixer upper – it’s a proactive, strategic business service that helps you move with tech and improve your performance.

We’ll monitor your IT constantly to keep on top of anything dodgy. This means we can act quicker – and cheaper! Better still, it means we prevent those frustrations by understanding what they are in the first place.

It all starts with our onboarding ‘recipe’, bringing your IT infrastructure in line with our standards and tidying up the mess. The rest is plain sailing.

Ready for a commitment? Of course you are!

ready for a commitment? of course you are!