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Solving Problems with your IT and Cybersecurity



Cyber security and IT Support for Small and Medium sized businesses

Smaller businesses have IT issues just as much as larger firms, but often they lack the support and experience available to larger companies. Siarp takes years of experience gained working with multi-national companies and brings that to small and medium-sized businesses to help relieve the stress of IT problems and improve security in your systems and your people.

Keep your business safe from cyber crime

How do I secure my business?

It’s easy to think that IT and Cyber security are one and the same thing, but the fact is that protecting your business from cybercrime goes way beyond the boxes with flashing lights and nagging anti-virus pop-ups in the bottom corner of your screen.

Truly protecting your business calls for a real understanding of what you have to secure. The systems, the data and the people.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Making incremental changes that doesn’t cause huge disruption to the business are so much more effective than overhauling everything at once and losing the support of your team.


How can Siarp help you to secure your business

Before you can protect your business you must understand what needs to be protected. 

So that we can understand your business and advise you better, we suggest starting with our Cyber security Assessment service which takes approximately two hours.

From there, we will be able to determine what you might need to do first and create a plan to increase your security measures over an agreed time scale.

For some businesses, the ideal and preferred solution is to hand over the responsibility to us and take up our Managed Security service.


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    Computer Support for your business

    Do you wonder if you could be getting more out of your computers? 

    Perhaps you’re finding that dealing with IT Support issues takes up too much of your time or distracts your team from getting on with their jobs.

    Are you worried that you might not have the right tools for the job or have unlicensed software which could land you in trouble?

    Whatever your IT worries might be, we have a package of computer support services designed to help you get back to running a successful business.

    From one-person businesses to over one hundred members of staff, we can provide real-time monitored IT Support built on a foundation of good cyber security practices. 

    Women working in an office.

    Find out about our Micro Business IT Support packages (ideal for businesses with up to 5 users) and our Small Business packages (ideal for businesses of 5 to 150).

    Our Mission

    Simplicity.  Clarity.  Collaboration.  Honesty.  Partnership.  Customer Care.

    We believe in always working in the interests of our customer and partners. 

    If it’s not right for you, we won’t do it.

    Building partnerships with our clients to help their businesses thrive.  We work to become part of each clients’ business, truly understanding where they are going so that we can become part of their journey.

    Explaining complex technical jargon in plain English (or Welsh!) because it’s important to us that you understand the information you’re using to make critical business decisions.


    We prefer to keep things simple.  It can be hard work, but it’s something we feel passionate about.  Complexity leads to problems and we like to fix problems, not create them. 

    Are you put off by confusing technical speak?  Would you prefer to make decisions based on information you actually understand?  Weighing up the facts rather than having to decipher them?

    Whatever you need, we do our best to make sure you fully understand what’s available to you and the benefits you will gain as your journey continues.

    “Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”
    Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton
    Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Theologian and Author

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