Big goals, bigger dreams


Siarp is the Welsh word for “sharp” and is pronounced “sharp”! 

The business was started at the end of January 2020 which seemed like the perfect time to start a new business.  As far as new starts can go, you can’t do much better than a new year, a new decade and a new business!  However, what we didn’t see coming was Coronavirus.  Around a month in to the new business, the whole world changed!

What didn’t change was “people”! Siarp was created to help people. And people run businesses, people work in businesses and people are customers of businesses. And as long as people need our help, then we will have our reason to be.

We have a particular focus on small and medium sized businesses, these companies often don’t have the resources of larger businesses but need help to be safer online and make better use of technology in driving their businesses forwards.

After several years talking to business owners about cybersecurity in a previous company, it became clear that many don’t feel they are at risk of cyber attack and many more believe they have adequate protection in place, usually delivered through their existing IT provider.

Having carried out many cybersecurity assessments for businesses, we found that the incumbent IT provider was providing an excellent service overall, but was not necessarily giving sufficient attention to cybersecurity and multiple weaknesses were found during each review.
Because of this, Siarp’s goal is to work hand-in-hand with existing IT departments or companies to help improve the organisations cybersecurity, not to replace or compete with the existing provider.

Just like you might go to a GP doctor when you have a personal health issue, you’d often then go and see a specialist if you had a specific problem, traditional IT providers can be thought of as a great place to go for your day to day IT support needs, but we are a specialist focusing on helping businesses implement better security practices.

Our Vision

We love tech, of course we do, but we also love to help.  Solving problems is in our nature.  To help others make sense of technology is what we do.

Our Mission

Building partnerships with our clients to help their businesses thrive.  We work to become part of each clients business, truly understanding where they are going so that we can become part of their journey.
Explaining complex technical jargon in plain English (or Welsh!) so that everyone has clarity.


There’s more to business than doing business!  We’re always looking for ways to help our community.

Creative approach

One size does not fit all! We listen and understand. Only then do we find a solution.


Listening and understanding are core to delivering exceptional solutions.


Your input is critical to developing solutions to support your business.


We can work with your existing supplier to provide all-round coverage.

Affordable prices

We have packages to suit different budgets.


Our excellent support desk will make sure you're looked after.