About Siarp

Want to learn a little more before hopping into bed with us? Good move. That kind of thinking will protect you from all sorts of computer viruses. But leave that to us – come say hello.



They say we should start with ‘why’. Our ‘why’ is why is my computer not doing what I tell it to?

Why can I not speak to a sentient human being rather than an unwashed robot? Why can nobody explain this to me in plain English and stop me throwing my PC out the window?

You’ve spoken to IT companies before, of course. If it’s not outsourced to the moon then it’s led by a team of uninterested drones who seldom speak to actual people. Their website will tell you they’re the best thing since sliced bread, shouting about:

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Products
  • Specifications
  • Consultants
  • Certifications

Bla bla bla. Just fix my effing computer and quit with the life story, right? We know how our customers feel. We’ve experienced the throbbing vein on the forehead at the sight of a spinning wheel. That panic in the pit of the stomach when you open a dodgy email attachment.

Our ‘mission’, if that’s what you want to call it, is to send those feelings packing.

Instead, we want you to feel 👇🏽


that you’re not about to
lose your business to a
data breach.


in your IT support partners
that they will protect you and
understand your challenges.


that your tech is in working
order, free from cyberattacks
and firing on all cylinders.

Who we are

Justin Thomas - Technical Director at Siarp

Justin Thomas

Technical Director

Justin Thomas is Siarp’s founder and has been in cyber security since the age of floppy disks. With experience working for brands such as IBM, he’s as well-versed in the big names as he is the small businesses – and is keen to help the latter.

Rachel Thomas

Operations Director

Rachel Thomas is Siarp’s operations director and keeps the day-to-day running smoothly while Siarp beavers away in the background. She’s our technical consultant and Justin’s right-hand woman, and loves a social as much as a virtual meet-up.

“Siarp has been a great help, knowing they are looking after the security of my business is such a weight off my mind. Always really responsive to any questions that I have. Would really recommend!”

Sarah, Accountant

Swiping right? Who we love working with


Iddy biddy but still packing a punch – you’ve got one to eight members of staff and certainly no “IT guys”.

Small businesses

Iddy biddy but still packing a punch – you’ve got one to eight members of staff and certainly no “IT guys”.

Professional services

Each professional service has its own unique IT nightmare – until we come along, that is.

  • Accountants – using various digital accounting systems and storing customer details.
  • Bookkeepers – handling finances and keeping customer data safe.
  • HR companies – managing highly sensitive employee information for their clients.
  • Nurseries – safeguarding children digitally from social media to sensitive data.
  • Solicitors – keeping IT practices compliant with data protection.
  • Virtual assistants – handling financial and personal data for their clients and managing a million tasks at once.

What do all of these have in common? They don’t have any bloody time! Worse still, they don’t want to fork out hourly rates to a VA when an IT professional could fix it in 15 minutes. You do the math.

Now that we’re better acquainted, why not get in touch?

Looking for something else?

We won’t take it personally. Siarp also has two sister brands.

Running out of time? Assistify offers a virtual assistant specialising in customer service, leads follow-up, sales aftercare and social media management.

Numbers not your bag? If you use IBM Analytics Suite or Cognos software, Frea Consulting offers specialist analytics consulting. Manage everything from technical infrastructure to installations, upgrades and migrations.