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Because IT problems are the hangover

nobody asked for

IT headaches – they’re like the morning after the night before, only there’s no epic night out. That’s not on, is it? Think of the Siarp team as that much-needed paracetamol when the throb starts to kick in.

Said throb could be IT infrastructure, security issues or a bit of both. Whatever it is, we’ve got the cure – a kebab, pint of water and a long sleep. Or, in technical terms:


This one’s ideal for the micro and small businesses out there. It’s not just reactive, it’s proactive – with productivity packages designed to make your tech work harder for you. Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace getting on your wick? Show the machines who’s in charge.

We’ll also cover antivirus (we believe in protection here) and password managers (see the running theme?). You focus on running the business and we’ll sort the IT. Boom.


How many times have IT companies screwed you over and taken your money without explaining what they fixed? This isn’t a dodgy mechanic – this is a consultancy that will help you improve the whole business. So if we spot something that could do with improving, we’ll tell you.

You can think of it as giving you the keys to freedom. If you know what’s going wrong, you’re better poised to fix it next time. Hello profits, bye-bye downtime.


Already got an IT service in place? Whatever. Joking of course – we won’t take it personally. What we will do is improve the security side of things. We’ll audit what you’ve got and suggest improvements before helping you implement them. No scaremongering, just facts.

Whether it’s a password on a Post-It or stopping ex-employees hacking in, we’ve got you. Leave the firewalls to us so you can focus on the business. Or put your feet up. We won’t judge.

How much will this wonder cure cost?

Here’s the best part – the cost is tailored to you. While there is guideline pricing based on the size of your business, it’s really about what you want to achieve.

Our packages start from £65 per month, making sure you only pay for what you use – whether it’s cyber security, IT consultancy or a bit of everything.

We’ve got your back.

Heard enough and want to get your IT hangover sorted? Get in touch and we’ll do the rest.