Yawn-free IT support

Everybody thinks business IT support is a waste of money until they get punched in the face. Not you, of course – you’re wise, like Mike Tyson. Keeping on top of IT infrastructure is just one of those unsexy facts of life, like brushing your teeth or filing your taxes. So let’s make it fun.

No turning it on and

off again here

With Siarp, IT support is business support – it’s a proactive consultancy tailored to your goals. Want to grow? Perfect. We’ll hook you up with the tools and partners you need. Got a problem? We’ll attack it at the source – and better still – stop it coming back again.

Select a package that suits you. IT support is like a good gym routine – you need to stick at it if you want the abs. Choose us and you’ll stay trim without breaking a sweat.

What’s in it for me?

So, what exactly does this handholding look like? We get that you want benefits, not jargon, so let’s give you the facts.

systems monitoring

24/7 live monitoring of everything from computer performance to servers uptime. If they crash, the business crashes – but not if we get in there first.

malware protection

Malware is the nerdy word for when a naughty nerd plugs naughty code into your systems and tries to make it do naughty things – like nick credit card details. So we stop this happening from Mac and Windows. Plus, we get alerts if things do look a bit skew-whiff.

desktop support

The software (Microsoft Office, Solitaire, all the good stuff) is only as strong as the support underpinning it. We’ll keep things ticking over and get to work if anything doesn’t look quite right.

workspace management

If you’re not working on either Office 365 or Google Workspace right now, you need to be. We’ll throw on our toolbelts and get you set up. Better still, we’ll make sure you only use the tools you need.

Business data backup

Opened a dodgy email attachment? Bang go all your files. Except they don’t need to. Think of backup like a firefighter going into a burning house and rescuing the family photos. Phew.

IT: easy as 1, 2, 3

In a nutshell, you can’t afford not to work with us. But don’t take our word for it – take it from the Holy Trinity of IT

  1. Saving time – setting up Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. Focusing on your clients – you know your strengths, so leave the nerdy stuff to us.
  3. Growing the business – you’re only as good as your IT, so let it grow with you!

“As a HR Consultant and new business owner, it is vital to surround yourself with experts you know you can trust. For IT and cyber security solutions, I found SIARP. They listened carefully to my requirements, offered invaluable advice and onboarded me with hardware and software packages that allowed my business to run smoothly from the outset. This is one worry I don’t need and have never had since working with SIARP. The ongoing support and advice is invaluable directly to me, but also, my clients whose data is protected. Quite simply, SIARP is the answer to set you up for success, and that allows me to focus on my area of expertise.”

Kelly, HR Business Owner

What’s your tipple?

Shaken or stirred? There’s an IT support package just for you, and we’ll make it the way you like it.

Micro and small business support

Great for up to eight employees, this one offers IT and cyber security support.

  • Real-time monitoring with remote access for quick fixes
  • Enterprise-grade malware protection
  • Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace setup on your brand domain
  • Business data backup every day
  • Password Manager App
  • 1 hour’s monthly tech support for when things go wrong

Managed IT services for SMEs

The gold standard of managed IT – keeping an eye on your systems so you don’t have to.

  • Full access to our support desk for proactive and reactive troubleshooting
  • In-depth review of your systems to prevent future problems
  • Remote software patching, inventory management, desktop control, security monitoring and antivirus.
  • Business data backups every day

Ad hoc support when you need it

Need some maintenance or new tech installing? We’ve got you.

  • Ideal for one-off problems without the need for ongoing maintenance
  • On-demand assistance as needed
  • Cover for high demand or staff absences.
  • It could be the start of a beautiful friendship